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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;?! [Chinese shoes Network - Domestic News Zhoukou yield answers to what food it had become Zhoukou "business card", lies at the people's minds, like Zhoukou fixed image. ? Well, there is something to be proud of Zhoukou industry do today, we'll tell you another answer - footwear. shoe factory workers in mostly rural surplus labor United States, people might not think of Canada, they wore shoes, it is possible from the hands of a bit of rural women of China Zhoukou. Just 10 years, the traditional agricultural areas Zhoukou gathered a large number of shoe-making enterprises, the production of Nike, Adidas, Li Ning and other brands of shoes, all products exported to the United States, Canada and other places. Currently, as a "shoe-making industry in Henan Province and export base" of Zhoukou, Henan footwear exports ranked first, accounting for half of the province. Publication statistics show that at present the city has settled Zhoukou shoe-making enterprises 35, the annual output value of 2 billion yuan, for the rural surplus labor force of more than 50,000 people. countrywoman Zhang Huiju, realized at the gates when the "workers" dream 46-year-old peasant woman Zhang Huiju look younger than their peers. One morning in late March, she set out from the village of Fugou Tile Daxin Town home, riding an electric car to 20 kilometers outside of town "at work." She is no longer a simple farmer. In addition to farming, she a shoe factory in the county when the workshop team leader, the monthly income of 2,000 yuan. Zhang Huiju shoe technology 20 years ago to learn. In 1995, she was a shoe factory in Guangdong, when the "working girl", a monthly income of a few hundred dollars a year to go home again. Then she thought, if one day be able to earn money in their own house shoes how good? 20 years later, Zhang Huiju looked forward to this opportunity. La Cheap jordans online st year in July, Guangdong shoe manufacturers fugou membership Hu fifth home business, voted to build "Henan Jiu Hong Footwear Company Limited." Posted a recruitment notice, Zhang Huiju took the lead registration. Village eight miles of folks who have also come to register. Now, Zhang Huiju and hundreds of villagers are "workers colleague." Between 12 points lunch, clean restaurant full of busy morning poly fellow. Potatoes, meat, celery sprouts, steamed rice, the food is rich and delicious, so Zhang Huiju and colleagues relish. After dinner, they can rest for 1 hour. 10 hours of work per day, for these are often people who worked hard farm work and not tired. The average per capita income of 2,000 yuan per month, so that these "part-time worker" was very happy. their home, most recently less than 1 mile from the shoe, the furthest 20 kilometers. While working to earn money, while the care of the family. The busy season, the company will allow them busy holiday farm, which is the shoe factory "benefits." exported to North America, a pair of shoes from 200 yuan "added value" to 500 yuan Zhang Huiju where "Henan Jiu Hong Footwear Company Limited", all production orders, the other is the United States "VIONIC" brand. CD segment, peel, after forming ...... raw materials into the plant, in about 1.5 hours of time to the process after nearly 80, to complete the production of a pair of shoes. Zhang Huiju not know "VIONIC" how to read and do not understand what it meant, she only knew that he did wear shoes will be a foreigner, which makes her proud never been abroad. Faced with ex-factory price more than 200 yuan one pair of sandals, Zhanghui Ju says she can not afford to wear, "That's enough money to buy two bags of fertilizer." own hand-made shoes, but I can not try it what sense it makes Zhang Huiju feel somewhat sorry. 40-year-old Chongqing Tan Ping is really where th Retro jordans for sale e shoe factory manager Zhang Huiju. Standing in the company product exhibition hall, he told reporters Dahe, a pair of shoes export price is more than 200 yuan, in the United States, Canada, the sales price of nearly 500 yuan, if the "export to the domestic" and then back home, they have thousands Yuan, "if in the future we have the ability to develop their own brands and conditions, which will create more pairs of shoes belonging to our values." and fugou distance of about 50 kilometers of Xihua County, there is one called "Kai-hung," the shoe company, built by SAMOA (Samoa) Limited investment USI. This covers an area of ??103 acres of the shoe, and one can produce 6 million pairs of women's fashion, products are mainly exported to Europe, the output value of 360 million yuan a year to create. The major force in creating these output value, the company's 4500 Xihua farmers. Statistics Zhoukou City show that at present the city has settled 35 shoe companies formed production capacity of 20 million pairs, the annual output value of 2 billion yuan, formed a "West ??????" as the leading shoe industry clusters, Henan footwear exports accounted for half of the country. Here's workers' knowledge of management, pragmatic and competent " eyes reveals a shrewd, Tan Ping really been accustomed to eating Henan fugou Huimian. His impression of Zhoukou is "good, flat, convenient traffic, the most important is the abundant labor resources." On a map of China any, one can see Henan. Do not have a magnifying glass, in the southeast corner of Zhoukou of Henan region. Sort of a small area under the jurisdiction of seven counties and one city in one district, more than 10 million people, most of them are farmers. Removing people who work outside, Zhoukou have a lot of surplus labor each year. The basic and circumstances ???? surplus labor, like families with elderly and children, can not Cheap foamposites for sale run away, only to keep at home. So, footwear manufacturers in Guangdong, Fujian and other coastal areas of value here, have moved inland Zhoukou, build factories to recruit people, the footwear industry is booming. One side is coastal shoe manufacturers have employment needs, while mainland workers expect to make money to stay in the labor force, shoe turn moved Zhoukou practice reached a win-win situation. After six months of exposure, Tan outline Henan Zhenping this image: "Informed of management, temperament generous, practical and capable." Select the plant Zhoukou is worth it. As the host of Zhoukou, also gave Tan Ping who really rewarded in many ways to give policy support. Fugou industry gathering area with bright party secretary Guo law's words: "With a good one Kewutongshu, not only attracted the Phoenix, but also allow Phoenix to stay." "The footwear industry is labor-intensive industries, our traditional labor richest agricultural areas, so we have a unique advantage to introduce the footwear industry, which can not go beyond." Guo Liang law is quite proud to say. shoemaking Zhoukou devoted passion to create "greenhouse" Zhoukou come up with all the enthusiasm greeted shoe. "large enterprises to engage in small to water and electricity, gave us excellent conditions, local support for our pretty." Tan true level between speech, showing hospitality to people's gratitude Zhoukou. In fact, in the treatment of footwear manufacturers in this area, and indeed quite Zhoukou fight. "Free enterprise recruitment, free training of workers, which solves the problem of shortage of skilled workers from the source to the enterprise." Guo Liang said Law. Needless to say, Footware let Zhoukou tasted the sweetness, and the situation as uncollectible. February 4 morning a month ago, the Central Plains shoes? Cultural and creative industrial park project officially sta Cheap air jordans for sale rted construction in Zhoukou. The industrial park has been listed as key projects in Henan Province in 2015 is definitely a "generous": an area of ??3300 acres, to invest 20 billion yuan. And it's blueprint also impressive: shoe companies plans to promote the introduction of 1000, so 10 years shoe production accounts for more than 30% of the country, make Zhoukou become national and even world-renowned shoe industry base. floor of this project, which means shoe Zhoukou undertake coastal industrial transfer to achieve new breakthroughs. Zhao was the deputy governor of Henan Province opinion, Zhoukou huge potential for development, "in addition to agriculture, to develop clothing, footwear, toys, home, small electronics and other light industry should be an important direction of development." As investors, Guangdong Footwear Manufacturers Association, Guangdong Melco Holdings Ltd chairman ?????? banks also said:. "Guangdong Footwear shift is the trend, settled Zhoukou is a wise choice" At the same time, the host side, Zhoukou party secretary Xu Guang said: "We urgently need to work together with major strategic partners." Eyes all walks of life, common concern to the Zhoukou, which makes the old Zhoukou is in the "best period of development." When the opportunity comes, Zhoukou people caught ado. Quietly moved to the mainland footwear in Zhoukou seems to have found the most appropriate, "greenhouse", vigorous, fast growing up, like a rain of bamboo shoots, spread in Zhoukou earth. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Orem Fort Men's & nbsp; Waag shoes.) the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the public expect this world-class sports event brings wonderful campaign sports businesses look forward to the Olympic Games has brought strong sales throughout the Chinese sports industry will meet the challenges and opportunities. Cheap foamposites for sale At the same time, the sport will be a battle of arms between the world sports brand and the domestic sports brand. Between the competition, the Chinese sports market will evolve a new round of strength contrast. shake the mountain easy, shake the international big name difficult? in the process of transition to the market economy, Chinese enterprises have gradually learned the concept of marketing and marketing, and learned to look at products from the customer's point of view. Although the era of the brand is that important achievements in the development process of Chinese market but Nike, current Adidas and other international sports brand occupy the most market share will undoubtedly bring pressure to the local brand survival. international sportswear brand has come a long process of capital accumulation, strong capital domestic brands can not match, whether it is advertising, product development or investment, let the domestic sports brand to catch up. Nike in the mass sports of the high-end market, Adidas, a dominate basketball, aimed at a football market, is as strong as iron status. International sports events, basically are the two monopoly, although the mid-range sports brands also have some other foreign participation, but in the field of competitive occupation, both Nike and Adidas is absolutely no doubt that "overlord". And domestic brand Lining with the advantage in the two or three market, only in the entire sports market share rankings with international brands for the power of the world. The rise of other domestic brands rely on the sportswear market and profit level, especially in the sporting goods market in two or three to compete, but not from the high-end international brands cup fengeng. of course, to enter the international sports brand China is such as Nike and Adidas, so that local brands can match, like Puma, Reebok in the se Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale cond tier of international brands, domestic sports brand big has its competitive strength. mature and rich product line, to brew the distinctive brand image, rich marketing experience and abundant capital accumulation, obviously top international sports brand advantage. From the product point of view, Nike has such as "air cushion" of such traditional products, and its new products more constantly give professional impression, such as 07 new special shoes for bodybuilding. In marketing, over the past thirty years, the image of Nike spokesmen from Jordan to Liu Xiang, have successfully molded the Nike personality, emotional style of marketing has become a classic marketing case. For 06 years, Nike does not affect masculinityThe long-awaited Nike Lebron 11 EXT Blue Suede after the release of a high-definition display, has been officially on sale today. 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Including the T-Shirt, the coat, including all 11 clothing items will appear in black, and with reflective material "NUMBER MASTER" Logo Box to create the future of fashion sense. 11 Boris by Bidjan Saberi 2015 autumn and winter "NUMBER MASTER" series w cheap foamposites ill be in New York flagship store exclusive sale. source: HYPEBEAST[Chinese shoes Network - Domestic News NIKE hand in Japanese fashion brand UNDERCOVER Takahashi, founder and designer, co GYAKUSOU latest 2011 autumn and winter high performance running shoes series, on November 24 in the evening held in Hong Kong a grand launch party. The Silly Thing from the team to create a party scene, not only outside Takahashi personally appear, he and his design team will work with GIRA people together from a 7 km jogging training to fully show GYAKUSOU excellent performance of the new series. Night live music is invited to Takagi finished, under White Mountaineering and Yosuke Aizawa Yu Gong your DJ performances with the scene to play. The scene is very grand, lively, this is their first performance on the same stage. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)for ray Allen fans fans, perhaps for the Air Jordan 21 " Yellow Suede" PE is not strange. As his career 40 best pair of shoes is a pair of, by Allen in the 2005-06 season for supersonic effect when, yellow suede shoes collocation green bottom, an inner liner and a decorative details, followed by embroidered a & quot; ray 34" words that identity. The shoes priced at $$10000, interested can see the nouveau riche. Source: solecollector in 1-4, Guangdong exported $3 billion 70 million to Africa, an increase of 1.4%, of which South Africa, Nigeria and Egypt were the main exporters of Guangdong to Africa, accounting for 42% of all exports. data show that in South Africa, Nigeria and Egypt to Guangdong main export to africa. Before April, Guangdong exported 500 million, 400 million and three and 390 million US dollars to the three countries, three of which accounted for 42% of the total export value. Analysis of "Made in China" has led China to the forefront of the world, and made in China was once the engine of China's economic development. Now, on the one hand, some Southeast Asian countries are in the low-end manufacturing industry force, snatch China cost advantage status; on the other hand, originally produced in China by foreign high-end manufacturing back to developed countries, investment advantages are disappearing, before and after the attack has become China's current situation of manufacturing helpless. To this, personage inside course of study even says, "Chinese manufacturing industry survived 2008, but boil however 2015, " this year, before the Spring Festival, Dongguan appeared hundreds of large-scale factories closed down or stop production. In addition, known as the manufacturing industry, to the production of glasses, shoes, lighters famous Wenzhou, is currently undergoing manufacturing industry hollowing, shoes, lighters and so proud of the industry is gradually lost the glory. shoes industry as an important barometer of China's real economy, industry ecology has long been chaotic. Kappa closes 2011 shops by the end of 632, leaving about 3000 rooms. Anta 2012 year 2013 year 590 stores, 318 stores. Only the first half of 2015 Daphne shut shop 181. The launch of Taobao is in many industries Chinese stifle innovation, all products to participate in the competition only hit the price war, as a result, the original Chinese fakes rampant market will lose its original power, "Chinese create" road may be from the assumption of depravity, teeter, become part of the world division of labor no value ! in June 3rd this year, Taobao opened the "Chinese made" sale of the venue, but the sale period is only 3 days off. To participate in the "China made" activities in Dongguan ten traditional footwear manufacturers as a whole sold only 30%-50% of the stock, sales are far short of expectations. Today, the entire manufacturing industry is like a frost beaten eggplant, collectively caught in the "made in China, ushered in winter" panic. With the gradual disappearance of China's demographic dividend, "made in China" is experiencing an unprecedented crisis. "make" cold winter, how should Chinese shoe pass winter? from the rising tide of closing stores, we can see that the traditional business model relying on lower production costs and low resource prices won't be applicable in the Internet age. Serious excess production capacity of the low end of the industrial chain, serious homogenization competition, is the inevitable result of the traditional business model. And to completely reverse this result, the most effective way is to carry out innovation, and innovation both product technology level, and business model level, the two are indispensable. 000 Xieyun's path, the original shoe reverse O2O model, the use of new technology, revitalize the traditional footwear market, "old industry full of new vitality, from its inception, Xieyun million to make snap action to break into people's vision, has become a major concern) "we plan to expand our production to 8 million 292 thousand pairs of shoes this year, 2013 to achieve output expanded 2.4 times more than in 2008, to complete the production expansion will also bring 1575 new jobs," said a government official said, "early Uzbekistan Footwear Association and the Tashkent Textile Institute will jointly in January 2010 before the completion of the footwear industry the design research center of the preparatory work. We will carry out research work in the center of the world footwear trends, styles, design and production processes, including shoes and accessories manufacturing, processing technology. In addition, we will hold seminars in the field of professional design, production and related fields. It also provides retraining services for practitioners in the field, including technical, design, production and processing sessions. We will also expand exchanges and cooperation with other countries in the same industry." previously, the country has developed a strategic plan for the 2007-2011 years of footwear industry, aimed at improving product quality and expanding the number of products. In the project planning, plans to achieve annual output increased by 15-20%. At that time, 17 enterprises have invested a total of $6 million in the footwear industry modern facilities renovation project, and with the development of Uzbekistan Footwear Association and growth, as of now, the association has 33 corporate members, of which 12 for the shoe factory, leather factory, 18 to 2 for the shoes and accessories production enterprises, there is 1 artificial leather manufacturers. In order to improve and enrich the quality and style of shoes, these shoe-making enterprises have developed more than 100 kinds of making materials. In 2008, it produced 5 million 120 thousand pairs of shoes, of which 2 million 900 thousand pairs were exported all over the world. 2009 plans to complete 4 million pairs of export tasks. (editor in chief: admin)In 1996, the Lakers and Hornets trading will undoubtedly make huge losses to Sherlock, in order to remember the painful lesson from Zoom Kobe 4, Kobe Bryant each generation of signature shoes will launch Draft Day color, which is called the hornets. The new release of the Kobe 11 is no exception, today the outflow of a spy. This shoe is made of white color, and the lining is composed of blue decoration, finally with purple dotted shoes flanking Swoosh and tongue Logo. nike-kobe-11-draft-day.jpg (507.23 KB, download number: 8) download Nike Kobe 11 Draft Day 2016-3-20 09:01 upload nike-kobe-11-draft-day-1.jpg (666.35 KB, download number: 9) download Nike Kobe 11 Draft Day 2016-3-20 09:01 upload pictures, Nike 00