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American NBA star NBA player Yao Ming, Chinese Hollywood actress Lucy Liu, 11, both as the world's second-largest sports footwear manufacturers, "Reebok" new product spokesperson. It is reported that, with sporting goods manufacturers to the world's largest "Nike" for the market, "Reebok" declared invest fifty million US dollars to expand the intensive propaganda campaign around the world. "Reebok" promotional theme for 2005: "I am me." Businessmen invited to this year's basketball star Yao Ming and Hollywood actress Lucy Liu hsiang to help out. Although the "Reebok" has not yet announced the price for the two endorsers, but it is generally believed that not less than millions of dollars. "Reebok" ready propaganda, it will display the new year and vigorously expand the market performance.January 31st, in the Wugang industrial agglomeration area, Henan macro Tai Footwear Co., Ltd., saw the cold wind, the company gathered a lot of people at the door. They are all the people who come here to apply for the job. "in Guangdong can get how much per month", "can get more than 2000 yuan a month, if the squad leader, can get more than 3000 yuan."." "Why don't you go to Guangdong?" "it's a lot of m Cheap foamposites for sale oney to spend there. It's too much to spend. It's too far from home. So, first come over here. After all, we're closer to home. We can always go home and see."." "Here, what's your salary expectation?" "more than 2000 yuan, too little for the south."." in the Tai Tai production workshop, people on the shoe assembly line are working nervously. Song Yaoqiang manager said: "at present, 6 production lines, employing more than 3200 people, can produce 5000 pairs of shoes per day.". Talking about employment problems, song manager said: "labor is not nervous," Factory No. 29 began to work, these two days also began recruitment, the gap is not big. If 10 production lines were started and more than 6000 people were needed, then labor would be a bit tight. At present, recruit employees, skilled degree is not enough, the lack of skilled, the need for training. So, now is used in class payment, the monthly wages of workers in 1800~2000 yuan. If more skilled workers, the implementation of piecework wages, are more than 3000 yuan." as a labor intensive enterprise, Song Yaoqiang also has some concerns. He said: "enterprises in the mainland, there are also problems of poor stability of staff.". Here Cheap air jordans for sale there are 5% per month quit rate, it can be said that every day of recruitment. Investigate its reason, the factor that can choose is mostly one, another is employee's state of mind problem. 90% of the employees are local people in the nearby townships, and their attitudes towards the job are different from those in the south. In the south, far away from home, value work, get promotion, raise salary, hope to work overtime, take more money. Here, do not want to work overtime, you can get one thousand or two thousand dollars a month on it, do not care about promotion or not, so that both home and work can be taken into account." for song manager's view, the reporter took advantage of the factory lunch time, interview outside the factory confirmed. Asked a number of young people, the answer is very direct: here to work, have a career, and get a lot of money every month, after work, you can easily and easily, do what you want to do, do not want to work overtime. in Guangdong shoe enterprises to attract talent enterprises busy wages After seeing a just to show you the white color, red tide people very highly ensued. The Department of Jordan Brand Wesbrook launched the first signature shoe, the Cheap jordans online nature in the design and choice of materials will be hard. While the design is derived from its own understanding and demand of fashion for inspiration, and usually travel in collocation for the design of the main line, at the same time using pure red through the shoe body, upper fender to imitation crocodile decoration, and the golden shoe buckle has undoubtedly become the most eye-catching body decoration shoes. item: 768934-601 Jordan-Westbrook-0-Red-9.jpg (195.37 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Westbrook 0 Red red color 2015-6-12 09:34 upload jordan-westbrook-0-red-1.jpg (151.37 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Westbrook 0 Red red color 2015-6-12 09:33 upload jordan-westbrook-0-red-2.jpg (143.82 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Westbrook 0 Red red color 2015-6-12 09:33 upload jordan-westbrook-0-red-5.jpg (289.15 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Westbrook 0 Red red color 2015-6-12 09:33 upload jordan-westbrook-0-red.jpg (150.34 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Westbrook 0 Red red color 2015-6-12 09:34 upload jordan-westbrook-0-red-4.jpg (239.21 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan 0Adidas UltraBOOST so that the great succes Cheap foamposites for sale s of Adidas to this classic shoes launched a new version of Adidas, recently, have this pair of shoes will update to the 4 version, 4 version of the UltraBOOST with more smooth lines, loved the whole palm BOOST midsole and rubber outsole is horse brand has been retained. At present, the shoe has not yet released the information, interested friends may continue to pay attention to our reports.Earlier for this pair of Afew we continue to report together with Asics to launch Gel Lyte III "Koi" red and white version, so we have to increase their preference, today the network again bring a new color for us, the designer to render black and red with gray middle toe, the shoe heel. Just create a double, and will be sold at auction, the income will be donated to Regenbogenland children's hospice, in order to help more children.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] PGA Chinese series fifth stop Beijing Open, nike-4.html & quot; target = & quot; _blank & quot; & gt; Nike Golf signing players Penetrate seize the opponents mistakes, in No. 17 hole birdie, success will first PGA China Series trophy into the arms throw into confusion. 27 years old, Penetrate, with strength to fi cheap foamposites ght back the recent rumors of his unfavorable, his steady play to win, to become the US Tour tournament in the history of China's first Chinese domestic championship. Sunday, Penetrate finally break out -19-par, with his Method 006 putter were caught 6 birds. The club uses Polymetal Groove technology that allows the ball to fly farther and more accurately. At the same time, he also uses the stadium RZN titanium black golf, the ball using Speedlock RZN technology, which aims to make the player the ball longer range, feel better in the wind be always kept steady state. On the pitch, Penetrate wearing Nike apparel and NikeLunar Control feature series shoes campaign. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.)Recently Nike Yacht Club to Air Force 1 launched a new series of color, the designer to render the whole white green water, modified in the end, using the material to suede its texture and refreshing color, let us feel the breath of summer, even so, I believe a lot of friends in summer are more willing to wear a pair of breathable better shoes, the shoes are on the shop sale, number 488298-430, l Retro jordans for sale ove friends may wish to look into the store.If you want to ask who is the most recent show, it is the Nike Air Max Zero, Air Max as the origin of all series of shoes, want to let the fire very difficult, but in 29 years ago, the legendary designer Tinker Hatfield in the manuscript is white to yellow as the keynote to create the shoes, which is slightly different and the white and blue color just on sale, but the day before Tinker Hatfield did show us this year and double color manuscript Air Max Zero, I think it can be seen from the brand firm launched the shoes of the information, I believe that in the near future there will be more color to meet with us.Pick the company's general manager Xu Zhihua Yao photo Diamond Cup Olympic corporate sponsors & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Adams Cup has just ended, the third "Diamond Cup" basketball game on July 29 and Ran Zhanhuo in Nanjing. I watch the games, the Secretary-General of the International Basketball Federation, IOC member Patrick? Bowman met with the general manager of the company's Olympic tournament sponsors Xu Zhihua, basketball and Olympic international strategy expert expressed high praise. Bowman said that from the CBA to the NBA, basketball Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale in recent years, the pace of internationalization of China is amazing, from Wang to Yao Ming, Yi Jianlian, Chinese basketball is a big step to narrow the gap with the world basketball powers; in this process, as the representative of China to the Olympic National Sports brands play an important role, and this also contributed to the pace of Chinese sports brand internationalization. It is understood that, FIBA ??Diamond Cup is sponsored by top international basketball tournament, also former Chinese Olympic men's basketball warm-up exams once the highest quality, more than NBA players will play against the Chinese team. In addition to Yao Ming, Yi Jianlian, the Diamond Cup also brings together a lot of NBA players, including Manu Ginobili, Scola, Nocioni and Bogut other big players. To participate in this diamond Cup six teams from Africa are Angola, Australia, Oceania, the Americas, Argentina, Europe, Serbia, Asia, China and Iran. Known basketball experts say the "Pick", after successfully sponsored the Adams Cup, will continue to accompany Chinese Basketball fought Diamond Cup. The competition, the Australian women's basketball team will also be wearing male sponsor - Peak for their well-designed shirt, appeared in the game scene, the Olympic international sports marketing will once again become the focus of world attention. According to industry sources, Peak will soon be signed with an NBA top players, and the media have repeatedly asked Peak general manager Xu Zhihua, but he did not give a detailed explanation on the matter, but has repeatedly said that it would continue to strengthen cooperation and the NBA. According to statistics, China currently has more than three hundred million basketball fans, as the first big movement, Chinese basketball carries the dream of millions of Chinese people. As a pioneer on behalf of the domestic basketball equipment, Pick 20 years has been carefully crafted professional basketball equipment, and actively promote the development of the domestic basketball career, and strive to achieve the dream of Chinese basketball, basketball spirit in its spokesperson Liu Yudong Ares who has been the best interpretation. After the 2005 launch brand internationalization strategy, Peak international look, still tirelessly to put basketball, have been brought to the United States NBA Houston Rockets, Milwaukee Bucks at home, as well as the European All-Star Game, the Adams Cup, Diamond Cup, Australia's national men's basketball team and many other international events and sports teams, and with the official NBA marketing partnership, success in the hearts of the people of the world to establish the international image of Chinese sports brand. Phrase brief but exquisite "I CAN PLAY" along with Shane's endorsement is rooted in the hearts of fans in the world. Who will be the next Olympic contract? All the fans will be the focus of attention. After signing Pick Battier, has set off a burst of fans boom in China, if we continue to sign Yao Ming or other top players, it is bound to be more intense basketball whirlwind blowing in China! It is with a firm belief and constantly climbing the peak basketball, enterprising spirit, Olympic success among the ranks of international brands, has won more world fans cheering and applause. We also look forward to China's athletes are in the Olympic Games, fought hard, glory for the country!firstly returns Nike Air Max 97 with the most representative "gold and silver bullets", and then introduces , Premium , and Ultra and other upgraded versions. This fall will usher in another pair of classic colors to be expected - "Neon"". The "Neon" was originally launched in 2005. The shoes are made of black, and covered with silver reflection, wavy stripes and laces, and then dotted with fluorescent green Swoosh and midsole air cushion. Although the color matching is not OG, but in the minds of many shoe fans, its classic status is no less than gold and silver bullets color matching. However, the current Nike has not disclosed the specific shoes available at the time, we may through the official picture preview. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! ??????shoes online shopping europe Edgar Mueller Street Artist air jordan black white red How to make a DIY no sew crash mat for kids great for kids with autism and or sensory processing disorder from And Next Comes L online shopping europe Edgar Mueller Street Artis" /〉 discount in columbia heights mn restaurants on diners The New Yorker Saturday January Issue Vol N Cover by William Cotton zip around wallets guess Day Ideas for the Cleanse shoes online shopping europe Edgar Mueller Street Artist