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remember yesterday's dream white NIKE shoe suit? In 2011 NIKE launched this summer in so many shoes dream dream all white suit, which is a collection of NIKE's several hot shoes today, we reported that Nike Dunk High Premium close. What we see is, this kind of sneaker is white from inside to outside, include translucent sole also is all white, NIKE is close at the same time equipped with pair of colour shoelace, add more fun for sneaker. When will the 'White Pack' white suit go on sale? Then pay attention to our news. In recent years Jordan Brand design technique is nothing more than design engraved and mixture, the majority of fans on their operating practices have been designed to operate as not take it seriously, now Air Jordan fans you also have the opportunity to participate in the Jordan Brand Brand and Project Jordan. The team Bluefoot site together a joint project. This game will be Jordan Brand Edwards, senior design director D'wayne Mayden and Project Bluefoot designer Jason Tony Hardman co director and design competitions, theme of the contest is Air Jordan XXV. and the final winner winner will also have the opportunity to participate in the production of Air Jordan XXV design, more details to the query. according to the provincial control office and other 7 departments issued "on the strengthening of the footwear market of intellectual property protection work opinions" spirit, our city industrial and commercial bureau recently will be carried out to investigate the footwear commodity infringing registered trademark of illegal action. 〉 〉 the 9 Cheap air jordans for sale legislative definition of trademark infringement behavior: Street fashion leading brand Adidas Originals is to grasp the trend of the more accurate, his clothes and shoes are more suitable for people's daily with the tide. While born in the 1972 Munich Olympic Games SL'72 retro running shoes once again become a source of inspiration for designers, designers will design its recently to design it put on more fashionable coat and additional more trend following the new Adidas SL Loop Moc. The body of the shoe by texture class suede made of lace through the frontier from toe to the ankles, and to mark the adidas three upgrade package bar, believe that winter conservative outfit brought finishing toucheffect low-key. adidas-sl-loop-moc-gold-6.jpg (226.58 KB, download number: 2) download Adidas SL Loop Moc 2014-11-23 10:28 upload adidas-sl-loop-moc-gold-2.jpg (196.74 KB, download number: 3) download Adidas SL Loop Moc 2014-11-23 10:28 upload adidas-sl-loop-moc-gold-1.jpg (196.62 KB, download number: 1) download Adidas SL Loop Moc 2014-11-23 10:28 upload adidas-sl-loop-moc-black-1.jpg (158.14 KB, download number: 1) download Adidas SL Loop Moc 2014-11-23 10:28 upload adidas-sl-loop-moc-black-2.jpg (210.17 KB, download number: 0) download Adidas SL Loop Moc 2014-11-23 10:28 upload adidas-sl-loop-moc-black-3.jpg (147.43 KB, download number: 1) 〈0today is April 7, 2017, the World Health Day, today in the history of what has happened, a look at the ~ 1954, the famous Hongkong actor Jackie Chan was born in Jackie Chan, born in April 7, 1954 in Hongkong District, Wuhu Province, Anh Cheap foamposites for sale ui province. China Hongkong actor, director, producer, screenwriter, choreographer, singer. In 1971 to enter the movie circle to master identity. 1976 starred in the action film "JingWuMen" in. 1978 starring action film "snake", "master" marks the beginning of Kung Fu comedy. "The 1980 action film directed the young master" won the Hongkong annual box office champion. An action comedy starring the "1985 summer break in Hongkong Fuxing" box office record. An action film directed by 1986 "Police Story" won the fifth Hongkong Film Awards for best film award. In 1991 as the drama "Ruan Lingyu" producer. The 1992 issue of his first Mandarin album "first". In 1993 with the "squad" gangster film won the thirtieth Taiwan Film Awards Best Actor award. Through the 1995 action film "the Bronx" into the Hollywood of the United states. In 1998 with the action movie "rush hour" for its status in Hollywood. An action comedy starring 2001 "rush hour 2" hit a Chinese actor starring in a Hollywood movie box office records. 2010 was the fifty-fourth Asia Pacific Film Festival Film outstanding achievement award. The United States in 2012 was named "New York Times" in the history of the 20 greatest action star first". In 2013 with the action film "twelve year" won the thirty-second Hongkong Film Awards Best action design award. In 2016 won the Oscar Award for lifetime achievement award. Jackie Chan and Zhou Runfa, and Stephen Chow called the double on Monday. He is good at humorous style action comedy; as of 2017, the film starred in more than 20 billion yuan in total worldwide box office. The acting career, Jackie Chan enthusiastic a Cheap jordans online bout public welfare. 2004 served as UNICEF goodwill ambassador. Selected in 2006 "Forbes" magazine's "ten big charity star". 2013, the 2013 annual meeting of Boao forum for Asia held the opening ceremony The Boao forum for Asia ( English: Boao Forum for Asia, abbreviation: BFA), from 25 Asian countries and Australia launched in February 27, 2001 in Hainan province Qionghai City Wanquan estuary town of Boao held a conference, officially announced the establishment of. The forum for international organizations, non-profit, non official, regular addressing; for the government, enterprises and experts to provide an economic, social and environmental issues and other issues related to the high-level dialogue platform; Hainan Boao forum for the permanent location of the headquarters. Boao forum for Asia annual conference 2016 in March 22nd to 25 in Hainan held in Boao, the theme of "Asia's new future: new life and new vision". Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli of the State Council in March 25, 2017 will be invited to Chinese a 〉 from the University of North Carolina Jordan has a very strong feelings for his alma mater, so Jordan brand not only sponsored by the University of North Carolina, often launch the new color shoes. TarHeels UNC, the theme of the player version of shoes is white with blue sky design emerge in an endless stream, always can attract a lot of attention. today to see the new color again into the classic North Carolina blue as the ornament. Despite the absence of any TarHeels or UNC sign, but symbolic blue and white gradient shoe body plus trapeze signs this design for love, and love low-key friend, Cheap foamposites for sale perhaps this pair of AirJordan31Low is a good choice. shoes is expected in May 26 on sale, priced at $160.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Netherlands 2014 home jersey Fusion novel eye-catching design details, showing the unique spirit of Dutch football and the unparalleled sense of pride, while offering the most excellent performance and innovation. To celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNBV) was established Dutch team jersey 2014 models in the design of a refreshing new team logo - a white lion original image is enlarged, which marks the Dutch football since enter a new era, as well as highlighting the team's core values: honest, honor and solidarity. ? Nike's global creative director of football Martin Ancelotti said: "We hope for the Dutch team logo engraved this historic moment through new jersey and team, both celebrate the glorious past, but also a symbol of Dutch football very open exciting new chapter. " From 1907 onwards, the lion image first appeared on the Dutch team jersey. In the 1960s and 1970s, the Lions logo on the striking and bold, but is black, in recent years, it evolved into a crowned lion head image. 2014, which established the first jump lion pride turned white and amplified, pride and a symbol of the Netherlands players solidarity. New Holland shirts with the traditional orange and stylish modern V-neck, classic and simple design makes the shirt is like a canvas, to bring out a new team logo. Badge below the Royal Dutch Football Association was founded year "1889" and "2014" character, symbolizing the cheap foamposites 125 anniversary. jersey of the overall design more introverted, internal cuffs decorated with white border, the player can also be based on personal preferences will turn out the white side. After the inside of the collar shirts have side orange pennant flag, crown above the crown is the soccer association emblem lion head. Nike also with the legendary Dutch graphic designer Wim font maestro? Crowell (Wim Crouwel) designed in collaboration name and jersey number. Crowell in the back of the Dutch team home jersey for the canvas, to create a very modern style with a retro aesthetic and a new font. Font lines exude fashionable 70s retro flavor soccer field. In order to highlight the splendor of the Royal Dutch Football Association, the bottom of each jersey number digits also joined a small emblem flag. ? Dutch players Kevin Strootman, he said: "The new anniversary edition of 125 shirts a perfect interpretation of the Dutch soccer team's unique heritage, the new Lions logo represents the image of our team wearing the shirts off for the country's glory . " The new white shorts, the overall design is simple and classic, more self-cultivation while better fit the body. In order to achieve the best fit is to ensure that action flexibility and wearing comfort through a special cut. Rear intermediate shorts, laser vents with Nike's iconic help from moisture, let the players stay dry. Also new for the classic orange socks. Top dryness and comfort In the course of the game, the players jerseys can help regulate body temperature, so as to enhance field performance. Designers while using Nike Dri-FIT T technology, Retro jordans for sale "burning" mesh, and laser cutting ventilation holes, to achieve the effect of dry athletes need it most. Nike Dri-FIT technology can moisture absorption of moisture from the skin to the outer shirt, and quickly evaporated. In key parts prone to heat, it has laser-cut perforations and mesh area designed to increase the flow of air permeability and promote the skin's surface. Nike Football Creative Director Martin Ancelotti added:. "By adjusting the perspiration, and longer keep the body dry, you can let the players feel more comfortable sweat less, the performance will be better on the court." In addition to allow the players to keep cool outside, Nike designers through the integrated use of cotton and recycled polyester, to create a new double-knit fabric, this fabric has a good wicking performance, soft touch. " , and very self-cultivation. persistent environmental technology adhering to the excellent performance of both the environmental movement's purpose, new jersey, shorts and even socks, were extracted from the use of recycled plastic bottles recycled polyester, which is the national team for the first time using this innovative technology equipment (shorts material in socks 100% derived from recycled polyester jersey material derived from recycled polyester 96%, the proportion of recycled polyester materials in socks is 78%). Each jersey average of 18 recycled plastic bottles. Since 2010, Nike has recycled nearly 2 billion recovered from landfill waste plastic bottles, enough to cover more than 2800 standard football field. "in the design of environmentally-friendly technology is integrated int Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale o our critical step in the design and development process." Martin ? Ancelotti expressed. "Our goal is to create high-quality shirts for the players but also to take into account environmental protection." perfect fit designers use the world's best players for 3D body scanning technology, which makes a variety of body Nike can collect data in today's football. With these data, the designers were able to identify and improve personal uniforms, making the body more natural and comfortable movement of athletes. Nike designers are concerned about every aspect of modern football clothing, for socks nor ignored. Binding recommendations athletes, plus research on new materials, Nike introduced the 2014 "Nike elite competition special socks," the socks smooth texture, combined with the characteristics of football specialized manufacturing. In the larger area of ??the big toe and ankle bones impact, we are cleverly designed buffer zones to provide comfort and protection, but also to provide greater support for the arch of the foot to prevent slipping. In the selection, the note streamlined to improve the feel and reduced weight and volume. In addition, in the top of the ankle and foot, which also features a flower socks line groove design to prevent displacement socks, out of shape, folds. NIKE PRO personal sportswear The new Nike sportswear Nike Pro close lightest ever, but also greatly enhance the effect of ventilation. Nike will launch a variety of styles of Nike Pro jersey personal choice for the player, for different temperatures and weather in Brazil, to help players cope with high temperatures during the day of the game, nor fear the cold southern night game. Nike also draws on some of the world's best player advice, redesigned for the 2014 series of short paragraph of personal shorts. Ancelotti recalls: "When we asked the players in the game, what kind of protection they need, they showed us their scars and bruises above the buttocks, when tackles in the game, it's easy cause such damage. Several players have to show us a similar injured area, so we moved to strengthen protection, taking into account the needs of lightweight breathable. " So Nike Pro football tight shorts was born. The shorts sliding tackles mode for players in the field, the adjustment has been designed to enhance the protection. It is lighter than the previous models by 20%, and its 87% of the material is recycled polyester. Heat generated by the site in the athletes add mesh design, not only improves the breathability and cool feeling, while reducing weight. Dutch national team home jersey has immediate effect and at Nike retail outlets. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: shoes famous network of global fashion network & nbsp; shoe.) the blue green and pink collocation of the new Lunar Force 1 was "south coast" color flavor, in the bottom of the ink and the tongue and heel of the logo have revealed a lively, good choice is for everyday wear. The number of 654256-004. ; Reebok Insta pump last year unpopular Fury recently re launched a new color, the brand as a response to the current summer, deliberately used very dazzling color rendering shoes, with white and purple increase visual impact, and equipped with the classic Pump P50 pump technology and Hexalite shock absorption to provide a comfortable wearing feeling... For users of. whole style, unlimited youth, is bound to make you become the focus of the streets in summer. New Balance will be in August to bring new Distinct series of shoes, the first exposure is one of the New Balance 996. Continuation of the New Balance logo simple design style of shoe, selection of superior quality leather and suede leather wild mix and match, at the same time to Made In USA the United States to ensure the top quality, both let it with you travel or the collection, it will definitely be a perfect masterpiece. release date: August 1st New-Balance-996-Distinct-Collection-711x366.jpg (198.39 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance 996 Distinct Collection 2014-7-25 09:39 upload New-Balance-996-Distinct-Collection-3.jpg (129.51 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance 996 Distinct Collection 2014-7-25 09:38 upload New-Balance-996-Distinct-Collection-4.jpg (141.02 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance 996 Distinct Collection 2014-7-25 09:38 upload New-Balance-996-Distinct-Collection-2.jpg (164.98 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance 996 Distinct Collection 2014-7-25 09:38 upload New-Balance-996-Distinct-Collection-1.jpg (125.98 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance 996 Distinct0Nike LeBron 10, "Statue, of, Liberty, NYC," for, Sneaker, Con, custom, appreciation 01.jpg (158.32 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2013-11-22 upload at 21:16 02.jpg (103.98 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2013-11-22 upload at 21:16 03.jpg (119.31 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2013-11-22 upload at 21:16 04.jpg (117.89 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2013-11-22 upload at 21:16 05.jpg (112.6 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2013-11-22 upload at 21:16 06.jpg (117.62 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2013-11-22 upload at 21:16 07.jpg (123.02 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2013-11-22 upload at 21:16 08.jpg (115.8 KB, download times: 0) next 0 since the second half of the year HyperRev 2015 will be quite some "disappeared" feeling, and overwhelmed, new HyperRev 2016 officially debut the, like for once the by Carey & middot; Owen endorsement of the series injected new vitality. from the point of view of the current release of the official chart, HyperRev 2016 in design with a feeling of extreme makeover and the appearance of new experience is like last year's HyperRev 2015 debut like that, in the middle and upper fusion together new Velcro is the biggest highlight of the shoes, the huge swoosh oblique and in the 1990s the air shake NDestrukt quite similar, and upper design is rounding the HyperRev 2015 innovation "U" type streamline, and the primary HyperRev slightly is similar, in has always been impressive cushioning on, the shoe is expected will retain and palm of the partition type zoom configuration. does not currently have a HyperRev 2016 color matching with available information released, is expected to be officially shelves in the near future. source: NIKE